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Achuthan's is at once an exciting, energetic and strangely tranquil art - the problem that haunts his work isto transform his vision of intractable reality into something "other". For the viewer, to view is to invite a kind of haunting.

Kerala villages, beaches, temple evenings - a childhood remembered. Remembering is reinventing, and each time reinventing the last time remembered . Colours move across, layered and shifting ,like sands across a desert. A Sunspeckled mosaic, drumbeats remembered in silence.

Achutan's is a tumultuous oeuvre. A sumptuous, dreamlike feast of colour. A remarkable economy of style, and grace. An unforgettable meditation on art, on love, on passion. On this crazy thing that we do, living.


Kudallur Achuthan
Acrylic on Canvas

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