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Amritraj Koban

The young and talented artist Amritraj Koban was born in 1975 and brought up in Latur, a small town in Maharashtra. Koban moved to Mumbai in search of an avenue that would allow him to expose his talent and also to find opportunities to paint for a living and display his works for sale.

Called an artist whose hand is ruled by his heart, Amritraj Koban paints with a passion rarely seen in any of his contemporaries. Not surprisingly, Koban is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of country life, and a rustic-ness like the one that surrounded him in his childhood. The painting that Koban creates is based on his mood, and the emotion expressed by his subjects seems to mirror his own at the time.

Generally, the subjects in his paintings are rural Indian women, young and inexperienced about the ways of the world. The artist feels women are much more expressive than their male counterparts, and whatever their age, he prefers to paint them. He says, "They are much more sensitive and responsive to emotions and that's why I found it much more interesting to make women the subjects of my work."

The women Koban paints are ignorant and unaffected by the daily hustle of city life and seem helpless, in the sense that they lack the basic impulses necessary to survive even a day in our metropolises. Their lives, whilst tough, are in a way sheltered, making their existence almost ironic. Having a great eye for detail and an amazing competence in conveying feelings, Koban in addition to giving them their beautiful almond eyes and full lips, paints various expressions on their faces. From the shy and coy enchantress to the tender and loving wife, these women reflect all the roles and emotions that are experienced in their setting.

His paintings and subjects may be subtle in what they convey, but Koban's colors are more than efficient in portraying the vividness and effervescence of rural life. Most often the colors Koban uses are bright and warm, inviting viewers into the world of his subjects.


Tulsidas Koban Amritraj
Acrylic on Canvas

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